Man flying through the air

Summer Circus for Kids (ages 7-16)

Only available at our East Meadow, NY location

It's time to sign the kids up for a new kind of summer program. Space is limited to 20 spots per/week. Spend a week at Trapezius building confidence, unlocking hidden talents, and discovering the circus. Activities include flying trapeze, aerial trapeze (as well as lyra and silks), juggling, ground acrobatics, and circus comedy. Drop the kids off at 9:30 am and we'll keep them busy all day. All activities end at 3:00 pm, and if you need to scoop them a little later, other arrangements are available. Each week ends with a show on Friday with all of our participants showcasing their skills in various disciplines. Don't forget your camera!

(see video and schedule below)

2019 - "When Kids Run The Show"

With the introduction and success of this program in 2018, how could we not bring it back. Two-Week in depth program, "When Kids Run the Show!" Participants will not just learn, train, and perform during this program, but will be hands on building show props, creating the show's music and reggie, creating a playbill, help with rigging, learn face painting, and choose a ringmaster.